We are dealing with various kinds of unique chemical products such as the following : higher alcohols for surfactants, excellent weatherable fluororesin paint, unique fluoroelastomer with higher chemical resistance and electrical insulation, strontium compound for flat panel display glasses and so on. Also we have strength in finding overseas JV or OEM partners, contractors of chemical processes.

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Fluorine Chemical

  • Fluorocarbon water and oil repellents

  • Fluorinated anti-flux migration agent

  • Fluorinated surfactant

  • Fluorinated mold release agent

Strontium compound

  • Strontium chloride

  • Strontium carbonate

  • Strontium compound

Barium compound

  • Barium chloride

  • Barium carbonate(BaCO3)

  • Barium hydroxide

  • Barium compound

Magnesium compound

  • Magnesium chloride

  • Magnesium hydroxide

  • Magnesium nitrate

Calcium compound

  • Calcium chloride

  • Calcium sulfate


  • Strontium fluoride

  • Lithium fluoride

  • Barium fluoride

  • Aluminium fluoride

Other chemicals

  • Ammonium chloride

  • Aluminium chloride

  • Potassium nitrate

  • Sodium nitrate

  • Titanium dioxide

  • Soda ash

  • Sodium antimonate

  • Zirconium oxychloride

  • Zirconium carbonate

  • Zinc oxide

  • Sodium sulfate

  • Niobium

  • Bismuth

  • Litharge

  • Synthetic alcohol

  • Fatty alcohol

  • Metal Soap

  • Bisphenol AF

  • Lead silicate

  • PDD


  • Search for overseas OEM partners and contract of chemical processes